Feb. 4th, 2012

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Gosh it feels like AGES since I've gotten out and taken a bunch of pictures. Today was gorgeous...mid-30s and partly cloudy. So I took Dahlia for a walk and got some photos. I didn't get as many as I wanted though. Either my battery didn't charge up totally or something is wrong with it because I got in about 60 shots before it died. Now, mind you, I was taking them in RAW+JPG so each shot took up about 15MB in two different files. So I guess it's possible that takes up more battery power? But still...I came away with around 130-140 files from this battery which is WAY less than I usually can get. I'm going to hope that perhaps I just didn't charge it all the way. Sometimes the thing gets unplugged slightly and I don't notice. The light goes out when it's done charging so maybe it really was out because it was slightly unplugged. We'll see!

So anyway, I went out to lunch with my mother and then came back to her house to hang out. Dahlia and I went for a walk out at the nature preserve behind the local middle school and I took my camera along.

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