Jun. 19th, 2012

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I'm just catching up a bit on my 100 photos of Dahlia. Sorry if you've seen them before! Expect some music ones soon as well. I REALLY need to catch up there.

This photo was taken at Twin falls in Vermont this past week. Dahlia was flopped out and I decided to see what would happen if I used my wide angle lens coupled with my wide angle attachment when taking a photo of her. I placed the camera on the ground, used the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder to compose the photo and took a few photos. I like how this one turned out!

EXIF Data: Sony A580 | Sony 18-55mm w/ wide angle attachment | f/5.6 | 1/30 | ISO 400 | 18mm
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There are so many things I love about this photo. Dahlia's majestic pose, the way the light filtered through the trees behind her and created some interesting circular lights with the bokeh used, the way I was below her when I took this photo (which I think adds to the majestic aspect), the way the light highlights her fur a bit. I just really loved it. So now you get to see it here!

EXIF data: Sony A580 | Tamron 75-300mm | f/4.0 | 1/800 | ISO 1600 | 110mm

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