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So you might remember the awesome snowman with the top hat.

And how it then became Hula girl snowman.

Well, I now bring you the latest incarnation of the Barry Park Snowman...


A couple other angles )
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Some of you may remember the really super cool Snowman of a couple weeks ago. Well, apparently the top hat of awesomeness fell off when it got a little heavy from all the snow that fell last weekend. So they fixed it.


I think it's even MORE awesome now.

I LOVE my neighborhood.
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I ran to the store in the morning to get some eggs yesterday and on the way there I saw this really super awesome snowman. So when I took Dahlia out for her walk, I took my camera to get some pictures of it. And then Dahlia and I went around the whole pond.

Along the way we met a few dogs, one of which was a young houndy/pitty/labby looking dog named Hershey. He was off leash and was obviously interested in coming to Dahlia. I always go to hook her up just in case and the woman called out "He's friendly." I told her Dahlia was too and so she let him come greet her.

Well, Dahlia was frozen in a stalking posture, which didn't seem to put him off. And he came BARRELING at her at full speed. Usually this would result in a dog who was freaked out. But it didn't!! He ran right up to her, play bowed and took off and she ran off after him. They raced around and back and forth. Dahlia was running so fast that she skidded out once or twice. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the play time because the light was crap and they were moving SO fast. And I was more worried about keeping out of their way. lol

So some photos )

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