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First of all, I am SO GLAD so many folks liked my Christmas card! I was thrilled with how it came out. I had more than one person asking if that was really Dahlia on the card (yes it was!) and if so, how on earth I did that. Well, now that most people have gotten it, let me step you through my process because it was so much fun to make!

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I think at this point most everyone should have my Christmas cards as I've started to hear from folks in the UK that they received theirs. Yay! So if you haven't don't look behind the cut unless you want the pictures ruined. But otherwise, here were some of the "Santa Dahlia" photos I took a week or so ago.

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Dahlia and I were involved in a Secret Santa Paws exchange. We just got her gifts today, so we took pictures as we opened the presents.

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Dahlia was a very happy pup!
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Dahlia and I went down to Petsmart today to get her picture taken with Santa. Everyone ADORED her there. We met a BC/lab mix who was 9 years old and a retired therapy dog. Nice dog. She and Dahlia got along great. We also met a lab/basset hound (which looked like a lab with very short legs and a bit longer ears), a Boston terrier who was larger than normal and really nice, and a whole lot of people who really adored Dahlia.

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Emily and Brandon.

Emily got her friend to draw our doggy and then got the picture framed. It's utterly gorgeous and it's already hanging on our wall.


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Dear Santa...I've been such a good girl...


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Dahlia and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas full of good cheer!
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That's right. More Dahlia pictures. *ducks and runs*

This morning I took Dahlia down to the SPCA to get her picture taken with Santa. I did a stupid thing though and didn't bring my camera too. Oh well. Here's the picture they got of her.


Then when we got back, we took her down to the park to run around in the snow. We got a good 5 or 6 inches of the crap on Thursday night/Friday morning, so there was a lot to run around in. She loves the snow. This is her first real winter. She came from a town in Ohio that gets about 16 inches of snow a year. We get 120, so she's NEVER seen so much snow on the ground like this! She had a blast.

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