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Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. It was sunny, mid-60s, a perfect day for just hanging out. Dahlia didn't even want to walk in the morning. She wanted to do nothing other than lay on the porch and in the grass near the porch relaxing in the sun. Of course, that was interrupted by the eejit kid across the street. Ranting about the eejit kid )

Anyway, we got a lot of laundry done (oh excitement!) and then headed out to the railroad tracks to go walking. It was where we first took Dahlia the day after we got her (we got her late at night, so no walks with us until the next morning). Cameras, of course, came along.

Onto the pictures and video! )
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David and I decided to head up to the cottage on the lake. For those that don't know, we sort of watch his ex-wife's cottage. She moved away to Washington a couple years ago and hasn't been able to sell it. She let us borrow it when we first got Dahlia since we had nowhere else to take our new dog and we've been keeping an eye on it for her ever since. It's a nice place to get away for the weekend as it's in this little alcove right on Oneida Lake. It's dark and quiet and really peaceful up there.

Plus it has a washer AND dryer!

So this weekend we decided to go up there to get away and to tackle some of the laundry that needs to be done (we only have a washer at home).

We debated where to walk Dahlia as the railroad tracks will be teeming with snowmobiles. And then we discovered a super nice thing about central NY. The lake was frozen over. So solidly frozen over that snowmobiles were racing on the whole thing and people were ice fishing out in the middle of it. So David got out his cross country skis and Dahlia and I accompanied him out onto the lake. It was fun getting out away from shore in such a way!

Some pics )

Dog park

Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:42 pm
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Yesterday we took Dahlia to the dog park. It's been the first time in ages that we've done due to the weather. The place was packed full of dogs, some nice, some not so nice. This was actually our first iffy experience at the park. A lot of people brought out their intact, overly rude dogs and just let them do their thing. Dahlia had a couple run-ins with a couple HUGE dogs (apparently related) who were supposedly labs, but weighed over 150 (one of them looks like it's mixed with mastiff, not purebred as he insisted).

He just kept harassing her, jumping on her, and not getting her warning growls. She had to come out with her teeth a few times. There was no fight or anything, the dog DID finally get the point, but on more than one occasion I stepped in front of her as he was on his way over and shooed him away. He wasn't an aggressive dog, just a really rude one. And Dahlia doesn't like rude dogs!

So a few pictures.

A few pics )
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Have I told anyone we're nuts about our dog? We're worse than parents with a newborn infant, I swear!


How did we get that nice white background? Photoshop? Nope. Snow. Lots of it.

More snow pics )

I wish I had some pics here of her looking like she ENJOYS the snow, because she does love it. Tonight she leapt up over a snow bank that was over 3 feet high. It was most impressive!
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David took pictures of Dahlia out in the snow in her Santa hat and Christmas collar. They came out so cute!




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So yesterday was the first time Dahlia's done something somewhat "wrong" while left alone. Please see exhibit A:


Yes...that is a footprint...on one of David's dissertation papers...that was on his desk. Yes, it's reddish. No, it's not blood. Please see exhibit B:


David left the door to the bedroom open and apparently Dahlia, who likely wanted to look out the window, got up onto the table. We were WARNED about it, but David left the door open AND the chair to his desk sitting out in such a way that it was easy for her to get up there. She wandered around the table as there are footprints on a lot of papers. And she knocked some things on the ground (including his laptop! eek! It was ok, luckily). She must have been nervous about getting down and panting as there was a bit of drool on the ground near the chair and table. Whoops! We didn't get mad at her. It wasn't her fault after all! But it made for some pretty funny pictures.

And now for some pictures...a few are quite humourous!

Pics )

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