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Here are some of the photos from Post-Apocalyptic Syracuse the Skytop Quarry.

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For those not in [ profile] petbulls...

Dahlia received her presents from the wonderful [ profile] thecuddlycactus yesterday. She was SUPER fascinated by the box. SOMETHING smelled good, that's for sure!

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Nov. 17th, 2012 07:40 pm
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It was a gorgeous afternoon here, high 40s and partly cloudy so I decided to take Dahlia down to the park to "take a few photos."

A few turned out to be 312. Oops.

So here they all are!

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Today we went up Fall Mountain, the major extent of our hiking "career." We've been up it 4 times now. It's not the hardest climb but it's enough for people like David and I! And now that I'm resting this evening my toe is aching. Ugh. Really annoyed that I'm STILL having problems with that.

We usually have the whole place to ourselves but today there were many people. And dogs! Most of the dogs were fine. There was Molly, a really sweet lab mix who Dahlia enjoyed meeting. The two labs we saw on our way out from the top were on leashes and we all just steered clear of each other. But then there was the Chihuahua. *sigh* So his owner picked him up once he saw Molly and Dahlia and muttered something about his having issues with other dogs. And they went down below. Well, apparently while down there he decided to just let him off leash and the dog took off away from him, came careening up, saw Dahlia first and went after her. Dahlia, of course, had to be all "IMA GONNA SHOW YOU BITCH!" and tried to pin the little sucker down. I got her away and the other woman who was there with him, put a leash on the dog and said to the guy "I thought you weren't going to let him off leash!" Yeah not the smartest move there buddy. (And later on, on the way down, the dog was off leash again and went after Molly...Ugh).

But other than that it was a nice time. We met a lot of cool people and chatted for awhile with them all. We all hid out under the trees when a rainstorm suddenly cropped up and soaked us all (we got the cameras put away in time! Phew!).

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I've been so busy running around I forgot to post pictures from yesterday! I took a lot!

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The other reason Tina wanted to run Tugger last night is she wanted me to take pictures of him for her website. I notice she already put a few up, including a new one I got of Dahlia! So I was doing two things in class last night, running between doing my runs and grabbing the camera to get some photos.

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Aug. 29th, 2012 08:43 am
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So there were no pictures from Novice JWW. I suspect that nothing came out good enough to share because of the total downpour we ran in. They sure were out there trying though. Ah well!

So I ended up caving and buying THREE photos. Because I couldn't decide between two. So here's the ones I bought, free of the watermarking and edited by the photographers to bring out the best in them.

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I took Dahlia over to the trails behind the middle school again. Such a nice place to walk and NO ONE around!

I decided to take out just my 135mm lens. I just don't use that enough and it's SUCH an awesome lens.

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I took some photos of the dogs I train with at the AKC trial and took some photos yesterday of Teri and Dahlia. And I took some more photos of Dahlia this morning. I just haven't had a chance to post them so here's a bunch from the past few days!


More photos from today coming soon!
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Yesterday we took Dahlia and Nellie and met up with Jackson (and Jackson's owner!) at the Quarry for some play times. We figured that Jackson and Nellie would be a great match for playing and after they settled down after the initial greeting, they had a great time together.

And it was a beautiful night (at least until the end when we got rained on AGAIN), so I took my camera. I'm so glad I did!

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