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We got our [ profile] allthingsdog Secret Santa package from [ profile] harro_der on Friday but it's been such a crazy busy time and our living room has been such a damned mess that we haven't had a chance to open it and get pictures of Dahlia enjoying it! We finally did tonight.

Lots of pictures back here! )

Thank you SO MUCH! These were awesome!
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After a nice quiet session and a good dinner, we headed out to the park to take some pictures. I'm really disappointed that I didn't get out earlier, but we had some nice light to get some photos.

First there was this.


Arrrrr, matey!!

And then there were lots more pictures of Dahlia and Teri! )
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I stopped at Petsmart to grab a new leash and some food and lo and behold. What do I find?



She was much more annoyed at my putting them on than when she actually had them on. As you can see her ears were up through the whole photo shoot. She's a pretty expressive dog, so if she was really bothered by them, her ears would be back.

On a side note, apparently someone thinks Dahlia looks like a zombie in this photo (for real, check out the comment!).

A couple more shots )
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I think at this point most everyone should have my Christmas cards as I've started to hear from folks in the UK that they received theirs. Yay! So if you haven't don't look behind the cut unless you want the pictures ruined. But otherwise, here were some of the "Santa Dahlia" photos I took a week or so ago.

Santa Dahlia! )


Jun. 8th, 2010 09:59 pm
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I don't think Dahlia is too fond of her safari hat.


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I posted this picture David took back in March in [ profile] the_daily_pet because she's so freaking adorable. So you all get to see it too!

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Dahlia got wet today. Really wet. It was snowing really good this afternoon and it was soaking wet snow that got into her fur and then melted all over her. She was cold and unhappy on our walk. When we got back I used the microfiber towel to dry her off. And then couldn't resist taking a few pictures.


A few more back here )
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Dahlia and I went down to Petsmart today to get her picture taken with Santa. Everyone ADORED her there. We met a BC/lab mix who was 9 years old and a retired therapy dog. Nice dog. She and Dahlia got along great. We also met a lab/basset hound (which looked like a lab with very short legs and a bit longer ears), a Boston terrier who was larger than normal and really nice, and a whole lot of people who really adored Dahlia.

Some pictures...some that are really quite funny )
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David took pictures of Dahlia out in the snow in her Santa hat and Christmas collar. They came out so cute!





Bad dog!

Oct. 6th, 2008 06:04 pm
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Dahlia's costume came.

One picture behind the cut.

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I'll get better pictures later.

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