Oh Dahlia

Dec. 16th, 2011 05:46 pm
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Anyone who knows my dog can look at this picture and know EXACTLY what she has done.

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Let me tell you a little story. A story about why the Giant-Tailed Butter-Herding Retriever came to be.

You see, there was a dog, a lovely black dog named Dahlia, who happened to have a gigantic tail.

The pictures back here! )

The last photo was taken this week. The remainder were taken in August and October. Little editing was done outside of fixing some contrast issues.
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Dahlia has done a real number on her nose again. This is the biggest cut I've seen, about the size of a dime. It looks horrible, poor girl. We figured she was rubbing her nose with her dew claw and cut it.

But then last night I went to turn on our blankets for bed and first saw the blood, all over the sheets and my pillow. And then, lo and behold, half shoved under MY pillow was a chewed up stick of butter.

We don't even know where she got the fucking thing from as David hasn't been using butter the last few days. So it had to be up on the counter away from the edge SOMEWHERE. It's possible she banged up and cut her nose trying to get to it. WHAT IS WITH THE BUTTER??!!!

Sheets were changed, butter was thrown out.

And this morning we have our yearly vet appointment. I can't wait to see what they have to say about her nose. *headdesk*
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My mother called me today and told me she was out shopping at the Bon Ton (one of her favourite stores) and saw a butter dish on sale for fairly cheap. It's a nice heavy glass one. So she bought it for us. LOL

She's apparently trying to protect our butter against a particular thief who keeps stealing it.
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We ran out to Aldi's tonight. When we came back we found, sitting in the middle of the living room rug, a butter wrapper. Sans butter. And missing from the counter where David apparently left it? About 3/4 of a stick of butter.

That's right.

Dahlia ate 3/4 of a stick of butter. *sigh* Our girl has an unhealthy obsession with butter!
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We had a couple picnics to go to yesterday. The first one was lovely, with Tandoori chicken and wonderful pasta salads and sides and brownies. There were a couple folks there with their really young children. Dahlia got to meet Oscar, who was only 16 months old. And I am AMAZED at how well she did. He was "petting her" which was sort of like hitting her lightly and then he decided to tug at her fur to pull himself up, including the fur right at the front of her neck. And he hugged her. Tight. Her reaction? NOTHING. She sat there and took it. Not a cross look on her face, not a warning growl. Almost this resigned look of "ok kid, I get it, you're small and don't know what you're doing." His parents were pretty amazed at her calmness too. I love my doggy!

The second picnic was, well, random to say the least. They were grilling anything they could think of and none of it included meat of any kind. Mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes. They tried corn but burnt half of it. The other half was undercooked and inedible. Just random.

The amusing moment came when he got out butter for the corn. The host (another David) starts unwrapping it and Dahlia, who had been practically asleep moments before, suddenly stood up and looked really alert. He says "What? It's only butter!" LOL Oh Dahlia, our North American Butter Retriever.

And I promised dog park photos. These are the ones of the other dogs in the park, for anyone who might be interested.

Lots of doggies! )

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