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Dahlia is off to the groomer's today. Poor girl apparently looked like she was being tortured as they took her away from David. Of course, once she gets back there she'll become super flirt and make the rounds saying hi to all the doggies. Her "tortured" act doesn't fool me one teensy tinsy bit! The folks from the place tell us she's an incredible flirt with all the other dogs. They all adore her there and one older lab named Chester follows her around like she's the cat's meow (and Chester is almost always there as he belongs to one of the workers). He has a thing for black fluffy dogs.

So nice try girl, really, but I'm not stupid! lol
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I got home around 4:30pm to find David outside with both Dahlia and Teri. The dogs, of course, went NUTS when I pulled up and got out of the car. So cute! And Dahlia looks fabulous. Even better than the last time. They just trimmed up some of her hair, especially around the ears and toes, and gave her a good bath. She smells nice too, though I'd imagine she wouldn't agree.

So here are some pics I took this evening.

Dahlia pics ahead! )
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Yesterday Dahlia had her first groomer's appointment. I'm really not sure how often to get a dog washed, but she hasn't smelled and she hasn't looked really horrible. So we finally just decided to go get her bathed and "shaped" a little. They did a really good job, though I think they might have trimmed down some of the outer coat on her back a bit. I'm not sure why, but oh well. She still looks great! Her ears look so TINY now because most of the hair has been trimmed back. Here are a couple before pictures.

Before )

And here's after. She's very fluffy and incredibly soft.

After )

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