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Dahlia has done a real number on her nose again. This is the biggest cut I've seen, about the size of a dime. It looks horrible, poor girl. We figured she was rubbing her nose with her dew claw and cut it.

But then last night I went to turn on our blankets for bed and first saw the blood, all over the sheets and my pillow. And then, lo and behold, half shoved under MY pillow was a chewed up stick of butter.

We don't even know where she got the fucking thing from as David hasn't been using butter the last few days. So it had to be up on the counter away from the edge SOMEWHERE. It's possible she banged up and cut her nose trying to get to it. WHAT IS WITH THE BUTTER??!!!

Sheets were changed, butter was thrown out.

And this morning we have our yearly vet appointment. I can't wait to see what they have to say about her nose. *headdesk*
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Dahlia and I were on our walk this afternoon and stepped onto the grass to avoid a woman and her rather enthusiastic young pit bull. What does the woman do? Stop on the sidewalk near us and say "Should we cross the road?"

Um no...why don't you just KEEP WALKING?

And the dog is training at the (retractable) leash to greet Dahlia. She told me he was friendly and I said that Dahlia was too. Well, on THAT she released the button the retractable and the dog RUSHES Dahlia, jumps on her head. She rears up and growls/air snaps near him and he tries to go after her (not sure if it was in play or not), but I backed her up and the woman finally got the intelligence to yank her dog back. Her response "well, he's usually friendly." My response? Well, I wasn't quite sure how to tell her that her dog was rude and ignorant of proper canine greeting behavior and freaked Dahlia out.


To top it off. In order to get away from him she backed RIGHT INTO a big bush with burrs in it. She had TONS in her fur. I pulled all the ones out of her back end and hips. But...they all got into her tail. Like 10 of them or so in a big clump with her tail fur all wrapped around it.


I ended up rushing back to the house where we attacked the tail with a little bit of scisssor work and a lot of brushing. Dahlia was NOT a happy dog and ended up laying in my lap with her ears back and her eyes looking all buggy while David got it out (plenty of experience from his last dog). Her tail just has a chunk of it out near the base, but the rest looks ok. Poor girl!
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I took Dahlia out to the Doggy Mall today (Petsmart, Pets Supplies Plus) to get some more food. We came back with a bunch of awesoem stuff: besides chicken chips and duck and sweet potato treats, we also got a bunch of canned food: Some stuff by Evanger (whole chunks of beef and pheasant, nothing else bot those in it!) and Merrick (various kinds of "stews"). They're all chunks of meat, rather than the ground up canned stuff. I really like the chunks for her. Somehow it feels fresher and looks better to me. So she got a bunch. We add about half a can to her food at night and mix it all together. She chows it right down!

I took some photos of her this afternoon hanging out on my couch. You can see the cut on her nose. It's pretty big, the poor girl. It looks like she tore a chunk of the black off. It's been like this for nearly a week and while it doesn't look worse, it doesn't look better. Anyone know if these sorts of nose cuts take a long time to heal?

Some pics )

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