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Gosh it feels like AGES since I've gotten out and taken a bunch of pictures. Today was gorgeous...mid-30s and partly cloudy. So I took Dahlia for a walk and got some photos. I didn't get as many as I wanted though. Either my battery didn't charge up totally or something is wrong with it because I got in about 60 shots before it died. Now, mind you, I was taking them in RAW+JPG so each shot took up about 15MB in two different files. So I guess it's possible that takes up more battery power? But still...I came away with around 130-140 files from this battery which is WAY less than I usually can get. I'm going to hope that perhaps I just didn't charge it all the way. Sometimes the thing gets unplugged slightly and I don't notice. The light goes out when it's done charging so maybe it really was out because it was slightly unplugged. We'll see!

So anyway, I went out to lunch with my mother and then came back to her house to hang out. Dahlia and I went for a walk out at the nature preserve behind the local middle school and I took my camera along.

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First, I forgot to include some of the other photos I got on Thursday that I really liked.

Thursday photos )

Today we took Dahlia to another nearby park, Thornden Park, for a little fun. Lots of pictures were had, of course!

Not all of Dahlia, I swear! )
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OMG guys it was 65 degrees out this afternoon and the SUN finally came out. It's been one hell of a miserable week: rainy, windy, dismal, even a bit of snow that didn't stick around. But today it finally looked spring-like!

After session today, we took Dahlia out to the park with our cameras.

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So like I said, BEAUTIFUL day (and no, the snow is NOT all melted, so the contest continues!). It was in the mid-50s and sunny for most of the day. So we decided to take Dahlia down to the park. We mostly wanted to get some photos of her with silly St. Patrick's Day things on (ok ok so *I* wanted that!) but we ended up having a total blast there!

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I ran to the store in the morning to get some eggs yesterday and on the way there I saw this really super awesome snowman. So when I took Dahlia out for her walk, I took my camera to get some pictures of it. And then Dahlia and I went around the whole pond.

Along the way we met a few dogs, one of which was a young houndy/pitty/labby looking dog named Hershey. He was off leash and was obviously interested in coming to Dahlia. I always go to hook her up just in case and the woman called out "He's friendly." I told her Dahlia was too and so she let him come greet her.

Well, Dahlia was frozen in a stalking posture, which didn't seem to put him off. And he came BARRELING at her at full speed. Usually this would result in a dog who was freaked out. But it didn't!! He ran right up to her, play bowed and took off and she ran off after him. They raced around and back and forth. Dahlia was running so fast that she skidded out once or twice. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the play time because the light was crap and they were moving SO fast. And I was more worried about keeping out of their way. lol

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Some funny pictures! )

Unfortunately we yet again lost a bootie. Which sucks because it's going to be BITTER cold tomorrow and David will need to walk her. God knows where the damned thing fell off. I backtracked and looked EVERYWHERE but couldn't find it. I'm thinking it might have gotten lost in the yard she pooped in. But I went into it and thought I saw it and came up with a frozen piece of dog shit. Yuck. This guy NEVER cleans out his yard! Come spring there's usually dog shit all over it.

On the fun side, we met a little 9 week old puppy. Poor little guy didn't want to walk because it was so cold (and booties kept getting eaten He was a little nervous about Dahlia at first but she laid down and then he got to meet her. He came right up to me. The guy was told he's a lab/chow mix but didn't think he had chow and the vet said "I have no idea where they got THAT from." The dog does have a spotty tongue so you guess where? Yeesh. They think it's more likely he's a lab/BC mix from his markings. He definitely looks like it. Cute puppy either way!
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Last night we took a very quick walk in the cold. Dahlia kept wanting to cross the road and I kept telling her that it was a BAD idea because the road had been pretty clearly heavily salted. But she doesn't seem to listen to me too well (lol) and kept insisting. So I let her cross. The way over was ok because she chose a spot that wasn't too heavily salted. But then, after sniffing around over there, she wanted to cross BACK over.

Here was where we ran into a problem. After taking just a few steps into the middle of the road, Dahlia started limping. I got her to move a few more steps so that we were ALMOST to the side of the road, but then she suddenly stopped. Sat up in a sit pretty in order to hold her two front paws off the ground, and then simply flopped over and onto her back.

In the middle of the road.

So I'm trying to clean off her paws when I see a car coming and of COURSE they need to turn up the road we're on. We're RIGHT at the corner and she sees us and stops. I get Dahlia up and on her feet and she's hobbling. The woman rolls down her window and asks if she's ok, do we need a ride home or anywhere? She said she saw the dog laying down in the road and thought the worst: that she had been hit by a car.

Imagine my mortification when I had to tell the woman "Oh no, my dog is just a DRAMA QUEEN over some salt on her paws." I know it must burn, but geez louise my dog is a HUGE drama queen. I didn't even clean her paws off again when she got over to the side of the road because she was all happy and excited and wanted to go greet the nice woman. She went bounding up to her without a bit of a limp in her gait.

Oh Dahlia. *headdesk* I guess on the good side I don't have to worry about her never showing pain? I mean, she's a drama queen about a little bit of salt. Can you imagine how she'd be if she REALLY hurt?
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My gosh how is it possible that tomorrow is 2011 already? There's not much to say about this year. It's been a year. Plenty of fun times, like Dahlia's agility class, and some bad stuff, like being fired from CC (which ultimately is probably a good thing!).

We've had a relaxing day here in Vermont. We took Dahlia up to the cemetery for a bit of a run and some exercise and of course brought our cameras! So here are Dahlia's final 2010 pictures.

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It's STILL snowing. I have no idea how much we have right now as the Golden Snowball guy hasn't updated since 9:30am yesterday. I'm dying to find out what the heck we have!

David took Dahlia out today and got more pictures of her in the snow. To recap, first:

A few photos to recap the snow rising )

Today's photos! )
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I feel like I haven't taken any new photos of Dahlia in ages (ok so it's been like a couple weeks) and today was beautiful, 60 degrees and sunny, so I thought I'd take my camera out for some photos while on our walk.

Dahlia )
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Last night while out on our walk, we were just getting to the end of the street when this pit bull comes around the corner. He's off leash, no collar. He freezes. I freeze. I have no idea if he's dog or people friendly, but I don't want to leave him if I can catch him and try to find out where he belongs. So finally he breaks the freeze and comes over slowly to greet Dahlia. Who is happy to see him.

They sniff. He's friendly and greets well. Dahlia decides it's "PLAY TIME OMG!!" and jumps at him. He jumps back at her. She jumps and play bows. And he play bows and takes off at a dead run away from us.

OH NOES!! My dog is always so calm and NOW she decides to play? And the dog takes her invitation and is off like a shot. He's gone in like 2 seconds flat. Down two blocks and around the corner. *smacks forehead*

I decide to go after him, hoping he'll stop and maybe I can catch up to him. While he and Dahlia were playing and sniffing I was trying to reach around and unhook her collar so I could put it on HIM. Obviously no luck there.

So I'm heading down the street in the direction the dog went when I come across his owner. She's out with collar and leash looking for him. Apparently Artie, the dog in question, leapt a baby gate while the door was open and got out. She didn't think he could jump the gate and her older dog, an Australian Shepherd mix never jumps the gate. Artie is a pit bull though and one thing I'm finding out about pit bulls: They are SMART dogs with an overabundance of curiosity. So he got out.

I stop to chat with the owner for a moment and let her know which direction he has now gone in. She couldn't believe he ran not 10 feet away from her and she didn't even see him. But he's that fast.

She says "He always comes back when this happens." I'm thinking "Maybe it's time for a better baby gate?"

And then, lo and behold, he does indeed come racing back. She calls to him, he comes to us. And while he's stopped and again greeting and sniffing Dahlia, she manages to reach out and get the collar (with leash attached) around his neck. Artie is now safe.

Dahlia has done her civic duty for the day and we were able to head home.


Dahlia also met two other dogs yesterday while out on an earlier walk: One woman had a 10 month old puppy who looks SO much like Dahlia she had to bring her across the road so they could meet. She was a sweet dog and the woman got a LITTLE worried about Dahlia's growly face. I had to reassure her that Dahlia is just a noisy player. Because she is. When she rushes and pounces near another dog she does it with a great big scary sounding growl. It's total play, but it's noisy!

And then she met a lovely 2 1/2 year old Golden retriever named Lotus (yay flower dogs!). Lotus was a total sweetie and really wanted to just lean against us for attention. The woman had crossed in front of us a little while before we hit the sidewalk there (we went into the park for a fun run around for Dahlia) and then came back and asked if the dogs could meet. YAY! Dahlia was very happy to get to meet so many dogs yesterday.
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Every summer, David and I look at each other and say "I'm worried about Dahlia."  Why?  Because she's listless.  She lays around the apartment, looking sad and miserable.  She walks slowly, ploddingly.  We worry that she's getting older (we don't know her real age, though we're guessing she's somewhere between 4 and 5).  We worry that something is wrong with her.  She has little interest in exercise and would much rather just lay in the grass for a belly rub.  In fact, she usually looks a little like this.

Cut for more, including a few pictures )
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We went out to Thornden Park yesterday and, of course, had to bring our cameras!


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David and I decided to take both dogs around the pond this morning. Well, we decided to head around at least part of the pond. It wasn't horribly hot, but the dogs looked pretty hot and mostly wanted to lay down in the grass. So we packed up some bowls, some ice water, and a bit of chocolate for David and I and headed down.

We took Teri off leash at the spot we rested at and she did brilliantly again. We ended up walking back to the other end of the pond with her off leash and she did GREAT. I was seriously impressed. She ran around and checked things out but always came back to us when we called her name. Dahlia LOVED having her off leash. Teri would go running to us or to something and Dahlia would go racing after her. It wasn't really playing on Teri's part (I'm not even sure Teri noticed Dahlia running after her), but it was on Dahlia's end and it was fun to watch.

Pictures galore! )
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Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. It was sunny, mid-60s, a perfect day for just hanging out. Dahlia didn't even want to walk in the morning. She wanted to do nothing other than lay on the porch and in the grass near the porch relaxing in the sun. Of course, that was interrupted by the eejit kid across the street. Ranting about the eejit kid )

Anyway, we got a lot of laundry done (oh excitement!) and then headed out to the railroad tracks to go walking. It was where we first took Dahlia the day after we got her (we got her late at night, so no walks with us until the next morning). Cameras, of course, came along.

Onto the pictures and video! )
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This is Dahlia's "gotcha" weekend. Technically her gotcha day is this Monday, May 17. So we're celebrating it this weekend since I have to work on Monday.

Yesterday we decided to check out the Oxbow Falls County Park, about 30 minutes drive away from the cottage on the lake (we're staying there this weekend -- it only makes sense as it's where we were living when we first got Dahlia!). The super nice thing is that it's in Madison County, whose requirements for pets are not leashes but "under control." It meant we could legally take Dahlia off leash in the park. Not that we always abide by leash laws (bad I know!), but Dahlia is always under voice control and, frankly, better under control than many of the dogs we see out and about who are ON leash. Yay for collie dogs and mixes. lol

Pictures, videos, and more about our park adventures behind the cut )


Apr. 28th, 2010 08:18 pm
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Subject of the day: XTREME CLOSEUP


I was going to save these photos, but I love them so much. Dahlia looks nice and cleaned up because she was at the groommer's yesterday.

More XTREME CLOSEUP and a few action shots )
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Just a bunch more pictures!

I took Dahlia around the pond this morning. We first ran into some lady and her standard poodle (not Finnegan, the one we met before). She didn't have him on lead, but held onto his collar as Dahlia and I sat to let them pass. She asked if Dahlia was friendly and I said yes. She said "Oh good, some dogs are so unpredictable." So she lets go of her dog (Marley) and lets him come over to meet Dahlia and he INSTANTLY goes after her with teeth bared. WTF? Then she grabs him and yanks him away and said "Case in point" and walks off.

What the hell? Her dog attacks mine and MINE is the unpredictable one? I'm guessing this happens to her a lot, which means her dog is actually rather predictable. He doesn't care for most other dogs, lady. She was all snotty about it! And Dahlia was limping. Luckily it just seemed to be momentary shock and she was ok shortly thereafter.

We had a good walk around the pond, met a nice dog who looked like a Basenji/Smooth coated collie cross (no lie). She was really nice, but the woman had both a prong AND chain on the poor dog. She was using the chain to walk her. WEIRD.

I tried to set up an awesome shot of Dahlia chasing the ducks and geese today. I made her sit and wait, walked to the OTHER side of the ducks and geese, and then said "ok!" I guess I Should have said "go get 'em" so it was my OWN fault hat she ran to ME and didn't go after the birds. Oops. She did run down though and run INTO the pond. Good thing she's getting groomed on Tuesday.

When we crossed the road to head back to the car she suddenly got very interested in fetch and she ALMOST got it right (!!!!). I would throw the ball, she'd go get it, run back to me, past me around in a circle and drop the ball somewhere in my vicinity. It's better than her usual keep away. I got a lot of great fetching pictures.

Pics! )
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So there are more Dahlia pictures. What else did you expect? LOL It's really gorgeous out there today. About 60, sunny, a good day to go around the pond. While there we met a lovely Golden retriever, also a rescue. She got her about the same time we got Dahlia. They're about the same age. And her dog was named after a flower too: Daisy.

Later on the walk we met a 9 month old Lab/shepherd/something or other dog. ALSO named after a flower! Her name was Lily. They had a pug too but I didn't catch the pug's name. Dahlia and Lily had some good times running around together. Lily was rehomed off Craigslist. They just got her a month ago and have been doing great things with her training-wise apparently. She's incredibly sweet.

So anyway...onto the pictures!

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Come on, it was a beautiful day! So of course I took Dahlia down to the park and took pictures. One can NEVER have enough pictures. lol


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