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After visiting the Dog Chapel the other day, David and I headed to a couple nearby towns to find some places where his family were buried. So yes, more time in cemeteries. It wouldn't be a trip to Vermont without going to a cemetery! I think I forgot to include that early on this day David twisted his ankle. I thought it was going to be something minor, but I'm fairly certain it's a sprain. His whole foot and ankle are swollen and it's really black and blue. He's still hobbling and in a bit of pain.

At any rate, cemeteries.

Some pics )

The next day (Friday), we went to Franklin, NH so David could take some pictures of the town. Usually we have a nice time walking by the river, but his foot was hurting pretty bad so instead I just drove him around the neighborhoods so he could take photos and not walk far. We had a nice lunch in town and then headed to Concord so he could check some things at he library (a bust, unfortunately, as the room was closed). I ended up at Petco with Dahlia for a little while before picking him back up. Overall it wasn't THE most interesting day for me (and no pictures!), but it had to be done.

Yesterday David spent the morning wandering around town taking pictures while I read. At one point I had to move my car so David's Dad could get out. Dahlia snuck out with me, got into the car and would NOT get out. Not for anything. Not when I tried to coax her out with treats or when I went into the house without her. She was pretty sure I was getting her out of the car so I could leave her behind. Poor girl. I ended up lifting her out of the car. Yes, all 52 lbs of her. Ouch. She's heavy!

After David returned and we had lunch, the three of us went up to Minard's Pond to putz around a bit. We wanted to get Dahlia back into the water and she did go in some. I tried to get her to swim by holding her out where the water was deeper. It didn't go so well. LOL I'm not sure how to get her to try swimming. Maybe I just have to let her go in the water there and see if she can make her own way. Or maybe not. Ah well. I thought she would be pissed at me, but she climbed out of the water and then crouched down in a half play bow. She was ready to play! Adorable. We threw the ball and the bumper some and she chased them. And I took her for a walk in the woods. All together, it was a nice relaxing day.

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We took Dahlia to the Jamesville Beach park today and had such a good time. They have a huge off leash part and we met a lot of other great doggies!

Tons of pics )

And a few short videos. Yes, that's my quiet dog barking! She barked more today than the entire time we've had her!

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David and I headed over to Vermont this past weekend and had a really nice time. On Friday we drove over to Franklin, NH to go walk on the railroad track and get some pictures of the old mill foundation with our new cameras (this is for David's dissertation, though we also had a fun time). It was a little crazy getting down to the ruins. We had to go down a dirt path that was quite steep and wet and the cross over a lot of rocks in order to get a good view. Now mind you, we had Dahlia with us. I fully expected to either stay up above with her or to stay on the river bank while David traversed the rocks. But it was not to be! Our little adventure doggie followed us right onto the rocks without a second thought. She had a BLAST crawling around the rocks, traipsing through the water, and sticking close by our sides. It's funny that some people think she's timid -- she seems like quite the adventurer to me!

I took a bunch of pictures, some of Dahlia, some of the old mill ruins and the nearby bridge. Some of them are behind the cut.

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After lunch, the kids headed out on a train ride and David and I decided to go out on our own with Dahlia and have a relaxing afternoon. We knew that hiking was going to be a bit much, since Dahlia had had a lot of exercise and little sleep, so we opted to take it easy. We ended up at the Burgess Cemetery. David wanted to take some pictures of the gravestones with his new camera. It turned out that the entire cemetery was enclosed with a stone wall, so we let Dahlia off leash again. She wandered around, managing to get in the way of many of David's shots (I swear she's a camera whore!), and spending a lot of time wandering around where I was. At one point, a woman on a bike came into the cemetery and Dahlia rushed down to see her. The woman said she wasn't sure if she was going to growl or wag her tail. DUH. All you had to do was look at her to realize what she wanted. A pat on the head or back or something. Dahlia's body language always reads "hi come pet me I'll love you forever if you do!"

A few photos at the cemetery )

We had a nice dinner of hotdogs and hamburgers (ironically not on the grill as David's mother decided that wasn't healthy...sad!). And then we all relaxed for the evening. It was nice and quiet after the kids went to bed!

Sunday morning we wandered up yet again to the playground to play some fetch. The kids all accompanied us this time and got involved in throwing one of her toys (since we couldn't find the baseball or the tennis ball of previous times). She was absolutely adorable carrying the toy up with her. We just handed it to her and she carried it almost the whole way.

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When we got back, David and I decided to take a little break from the kids and head up to Minard's Pond (a man-made pond that's the basis for the town's water supply) and walk in the woods. It was quiet and deserted, so we once again opted to let Dahlia off leash and see how she did. She was AWESOME! She stuck by us and when she wandered away a bit I'd call to her and tell her not to wander too far and she actually would turn to look at me and wait or come back to us. She's a really amazing dog.

Some pics from our walk )

The kids and David had lunch when we got back (I bowed out because I just don't like ham!) and then we were on the road. Of course, they had to do a few more silly things to poor Dahlia.

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