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I had a couple videos planned for this today, but recent news has made me alter which youtube videos I'm going to post.

The first is one I just found about the Dog Chapel and features Stephen Huneck talking about the chapel and his artwork.

The second one is one I've posted before but seriously, if you haven't seen this amazing video (and you're a dog person), you NEED to.

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For those of you who don't know this man's wonderful artwork, I've put some photos I took while at the dog chapel behind the cut. He was amazing. His art was whimsical. It was sweet. It made a lot of people smile and his loss is a huge one. I received more information and it saddens me even more.

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the death of my Husband , Stephen Huneck, Thursday January 8th. Tragically Stephen took his own life. Stephen had been despondent for some time now and was being treated for depression.

Like many Americans we had been adversely affected by the economic downturn. Stephen feared losing Dog Mountain and our home.

Then on Tuesday we had to lay off most of our employees. This hurt Stephen deeply. He cared about them and felt responsible for their welfare. I could see how devastated he felt and tried to reassure him that the most important thing to me was that we were together. I told him how much I loved him, that he had accomplished so much in his life he should feel proud not ashamed.

I said how, I was constantly being told by visitors to Dog Mountain how much they loved his artwork. They also told me how meaningful the Dog Chapel was to them and how grateful they are that Stephen had created it.

Stephen and I discussed his feelings of despair and he said he would be seeing his psychiatrist the next day and would talk it over with her. He seemed to be looking forward to his session. He got up early Thursday morning to go see her. Stephen drove to the doctor’s parking lot and while parked in his car, shot himself in the head.

I wished I could of reached him some how. Stephen gave so much love and joy to the world through his warmth and openness as a person and a great artist. I hope he will be remembered as that joyous soul.

One the last page of the “Dog Chapel” book Stephen wrote “you too can build a chapel, in a place that’s always open in your heart.”

Please remember Stephen in your hearts.

Yours truly,
Gwen Huneck

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It really was a wonderful place. I can't describe how happy we were there.
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Yesterday we had the most fun EVER. We took off around 8:30am and headed up to St. Johnsbury. Desination: The Dog Chapel. We've been hearing about this places for quite some time and since it's only an our and a half north of David's folk's place it seemed silly not to make it up there. Yesterday was supposed to be stormy and miserable but turned out beautiful. Maybe we were blessed. ;-)

The Dog Chapel is a place created and designed by artist Stephen Huneck after he had a near-death experience. It is a fantastically whimsical place. The chapel itself is a sweet monument to our friends (canine and others!) who have passed on. The walls are covered with tributes to pets who have passed on. Some have photos. Some are just scrawled notes. David and I didn't have photos of Pepper or Heidi, so we wrote notes and pinned them to the walls within. The entire chapel and the art gallery next door are covered with Huneck's whimsical woodcuts and sculptures. Sometimes you almost miss them they just seem like they belong there.

Up the hill there's a pond for the dogs to play in, an agility course set up (I wish I had known about this -- I had no treats on me!), and trails through fields and the woods. We spent much time exploring. Dahlia met some other dogs there -- a Black lab and an old Golden retriever (they belong to Huneck), and a couple other Goldens. She had a blast and we just loved the place. I hope to go back there again sometime!

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