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Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. It was sunny, mid-60s, a perfect day for just hanging out. Dahlia didn't even want to walk in the morning. She wanted to do nothing other than lay on the porch and in the grass near the porch relaxing in the sun. Of course, that was interrupted by the eejit kid across the street. Ranting about the eejit kid )

Anyway, we got a lot of laundry done (oh excitement!) and then headed out to the railroad tracks to go walking. It was where we first took Dahlia the day after we got her (we got her late at night, so no walks with us until the next morning). Cameras, of course, came along.

Onto the pictures and video! )
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Dahlia and I were on our walk this afternoon and stepped onto the grass to avoid a woman and her rather enthusiastic young pit bull. What does the woman do? Stop on the sidewalk near us and say "Should we cross the road?"

Um no...why don't you just KEEP WALKING?

And the dog is training at the (retractable) leash to greet Dahlia. She told me he was friendly and I said that Dahlia was too. Well, on THAT she released the button the retractable and the dog RUSHES Dahlia, jumps on her head. She rears up and growls/air snaps near him and he tries to go after her (not sure if it was in play or not), but I backed her up and the woman finally got the intelligence to yank her dog back. Her response "well, he's usually friendly." My response? Well, I wasn't quite sure how to tell her that her dog was rude and ignorant of proper canine greeting behavior and freaked Dahlia out.


To top it off. In order to get away from him she backed RIGHT INTO a big bush with burrs in it. She had TONS in her fur. I pulled all the ones out of her back end and hips. But...they all got into her tail. Like 10 of them or so in a big clump with her tail fur all wrapped around it.


I ended up rushing back to the house where we attacked the tail with a little bit of scisssor work and a lot of brushing. Dahlia was NOT a happy dog and ended up laying in my lap with her ears back and her eyes looking all buggy while David got it out (plenty of experience from his last dog). Her tail just has a chunk of it out near the base, but the rest looks ok. Poor girl!
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1. Regarding the last entry. Fred from Shit Means Shit never bothered to comment back to me. Am I surprised? Not really. The last time he tried to get a dig in about that very same video, he never responded either. I guess trying to insult someone for their untrained dog (who, in a video, is playing, not working on training) doesn't work so well when that person turns around and tells you their dog has her CGC.

2. Related to that. David went and commented back to his original comment, which was something like "What is this video supposed to show? That your dog runs away from you and won't come to you?" David knows how to cut them to the quick.

Fred--I'm the guy in that video. You apparently really need to get a life. Someone puts up a video to show friends their new rescue dog playing and you come by´╗┐ to criticize? What a loser. You sound like a little man with power issues. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Some of you might remember the RV (Harvey) business from way back and David's rather cold, biting e-mails. Yeah. He's good at that shit. Fred removed his original comment. LOL I love David. He's awesome.

3. Dahlia's trick training is going REALLY well. She now knows "sit pretty" 100%. She even knows to try to stay with her paws off the ground until I give her the treat, though she sometimes loses her balance. Little by little she's extending the time she can sit up. I hope to get a picture sometime in the next couple weeks. We're going to take her out to the park on a nice day and do it then. So now the next goal? Crawling (though I've been calling it "sneak"). She's taking a little longer to get this, but she's starting to crawl forward to get the treats. It'll take some time to work her up to doing it 10 or 15 feet. I need to get more training treats though! I'm plum out of the things!

I'm amused

Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:46 pm
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Dahlia usually lays on our big couch because she has tons of room and can stretch out fully. Apparently when I'm gone, she prefers to squash herself into my recliner.


A few more )

And on a side note...remember that girl who came to session and totally ruined it? Yeah, well, this is one of her recent facebook posts:

How many times do I have to tell the cat: "I can't fill your dish because we're out of food, and I can't go to the store until the UPS guy gets here with my shoes!"

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Gotta love neurotic parents. Yeesh. Dahlia and I were down at the park. She was laying down near the pond watching the water in case any ducks happened to come by. A mother was nearby with her two little blonde kids: a boy who was probably 1 1/2 to 2 and an older girl, maybe 5 or 6. They were throwing bread for the (non-existent) ducks, apparently hoping they would bring them to them if there was bread.

So I turn and see this girl heading toward Dahlia and I, shyly pointing as if she's asking permission to come say hi. I was about to say tell her she was friendly and she may pet her if she wanted to when the mother, all horrified and stuff, shouts "Get away from that!" Like my dog was a piece of goose poop or something. Rude.

We walked by them shortly thereafter. She had put them both in this contraption, not exactly a stroller, but this enclosed THING (as if the older kid couldn't walk) and I just wanted to say "Dahlia, get away from that" when we were near. But I held my tongue with the snarkiness and kept going.

It's like the little tow-headed kid the other day who was terrified of dogs and would scream if Dahlia (or another dog) even looked at him. The parent's reaction? "Don't worry, we'll keep that big scary doggy away from you." Way to go reinforcing the kid's fear and not teaching him the proper way to approach a dog, when to stay away from a dog, etc.

On the flip side we met a trio of black girls who were enamoured of Miss Dahlia. The oldest was probably 10 or so. The younger two were twins (dressed the same and all with blue polka dot dresses and bright pink cute!). They petted her and thought she was great. Nice kids.

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