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Today we went up Fall Mountain, the major extent of our hiking "career." We've been up it 4 times now. It's not the hardest climb but it's enough for people like David and I! And now that I'm resting this evening my toe is aching. Ugh. Really annoyed that I'm STILL having problems with that.

We usually have the whole place to ourselves but today there were many people. And dogs! Most of the dogs were fine. There was Molly, a really sweet lab mix who Dahlia enjoyed meeting. The two labs we saw on our way out from the top were on leashes and we all just steered clear of each other. But then there was the Chihuahua. *sigh* So his owner picked him up once he saw Molly and Dahlia and muttered something about his having issues with other dogs. And they went down below. Well, apparently while down there he decided to just let him off leash and the dog took off away from him, came careening up, saw Dahlia first and went after her. Dahlia, of course, had to be all "IMA GONNA SHOW YOU BITCH!" and tried to pin the little sucker down. I got her away and the other woman who was there with him, put a leash on the dog and said to the guy "I thought you weren't going to let him off leash!" Yeah not the smartest move there buddy. (And later on, on the way down, the dog was off leash again and went after Molly...Ugh).

But other than that it was a nice time. We met a lot of cool people and chatted for awhile with them all. We all hid out under the trees when a rainstorm suddenly cropped up and soaked us all (we got the cameras put away in time! Phew!).

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David and I decided to bring in the New Year by hiking up Fall the snow. We're crazy, but we have the YakTrax and so figured we could make it up and down ok. It was a bit harrowing at times as there was 3-6 inches of slushy slippery snow and some packed down ice to go over. But we made it ok. Dahlia had a BLAST. OMG. She's had fun the last two times we've been up there, but in the snow? It was like 100x better. She spent most of the time off the trail in the woods near us exploring. She had tons of energy the whole way up and back. I think she could have gone for another hour before she finally dropped.

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Yesterday we decided to take the trail up Fall Mountain (across the river in New Hampshire). Now, it's not a REAL mountain. It's really a big hill (at about 880 ft), but it's still a pretty steep trail, especially for me. We took it slow and stopped frequently as I have asthma and it was a rough trip up at times. But other than that it was quite ok. The trail is nice in that it starts out steep and then flattens out a bit at the top. Dahlia had a blast on the way up, checking everything out and trotting on out ahead of us. She explored out into the woods a bit but always stuck close to us. We got to the top (something known as Table Rock, which the locals have been calling it for ages) and the view was SO worth the climb! We spent a good 45 minutes or so on the top, taking pictures and just relaxing. The way back down was pretty easy, though Dahlia must have been tired as she stopped and laid down several times. We ran into a nice couple on their way up. Rather than leash Dahlia up, I told her to stay and she froze in her tracks (good girl!). The couple love dogs though so I let her go up to them. Turned out they had a 15 1/2 year old Shepherd mix they used to hike with but he was too old to do it now. Later on down the trail we ran into a family from Michigan who were heading up. It was nice to see some folks and their kids out there. They were all enthralled with Dahlia and gave her plenty of ear scratches and hugs and chin scritches. She eventually just flopped own on her side in front of them waiting for her belly rub. Silly girl! They were just amazed at her sweet temperament. I think the family would have taken her home if they could have! lol

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