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Ok back to the beginning. We took Dahlia out to Jamesville Beach today. There was a meet up with some local folks and their dogs, so we thought it might be fun to let her play with the othe dogs.

While there we met so many dogs and a few of them were rarer breeders. The cast of characters:

Jaeger: Wire-haired Vizsla
Tucker: Vizsla
Maggie: Irish Wolfhound
Porter: Weimeraner
Angel: GSD mix
Molly: Chocolate Lab
Oscar: Yellow Lab
Sandy: Yellow Lab

And of course, the lovely Miss Dahlia.

While out, we also ran into our vet. How funny was that. She stopped to talk to us and said "Weren't you guys in the office the other day?" And it took me a moment to realize it was our vet. She couldn't quite remember which dog was ours but then once we pointed out Dahlia, she remembered what she was there for. She was there with a really nice border collie named Angus.

Anyway, Dahlia had SO MUCH FUN in the water with the dogs. Jaeger was a fetching machine, just lived for it. His owner (Dave) had put a lot of work into getting him to sit, stay, and fetch the ball on command. Great dog. Good owner. The other folks were great. We really loved Sandy, the Yellow Lab.

And then, at one point, we looked down at Dahlia and she was swimming! I don't even know how it happened. But she was doing it. I never even got the camera up because I was that excited. David got one really bad picture, but here it is. Dahlia swimming!


And now, for TONS of pictures. Of Dahlia. And the other dogs (Yes, Angel, here there be Vizslas!).

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I took today off of work (yay!) and we headed out to Jamesville Beach's off leash area. I was really hoping to meet a lot of dogs, but only ran into a few. Two she had fun with, but one had a ball and was a resource guarder (why this dog was off leash in a designated off leash area when he had aggression issues I don't know) and went after her. We ended up leashing OUR DOG up when we went past them. *rolls eyes*

She did get into a good chase section with a lab/poodle cross who looked SO MUCH like [ profile] petulant's dog that I was actually looking to see if she were there. The lab/poodle cross and a hound/lab cross dove rite into the river after sticks and I was so hoping Dahlia would chase them right in, but no luck. She went into the water up to her chest at a couple points, but didn't go any deeper., not a ton, but some.

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We took Dahlia to the Jamesville Beach park today and had such a good time. They have a huge off leash part and we met a lot of other great doggies!

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And a few short videos. Yes, that's my quiet dog barking! She barked more today than the entire time we've had her!

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