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The prompt for this week is to post 5 pictures that showcase what we've done for the past three weeks. So here goes...

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This week's subject was portraits.

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This week's theme was to make a panorama combining several shots of around a 180 degree angle. I have NEVER done this before and I had a lot of trouble managing to even get a shot as it snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more, so I couldn't bring my camera outside. Yesterday was the first day I could and since it would have been dark by the time I got out of work, I got a photo early in the day outside my work building.

So here's mine. It's a fairly large image size (1024x292) so it's behind a cut!

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This was taken from 4 photos stitched together using Gimp, a program I've never used before so it's the best I could do. Camera used was my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18.
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This week's topic was Flora and Faunae. I suck because I thought Flora = flowers and Faunae = other plants. I was wrong. So I DO have things to post this week!

My favourite "faunae," also named for a Flora. Dahlia! Here she is with one of her new gifts a couple days ago:
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Both were taken this week on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. Only post processing was to brighten things up a bit and up the contrast.
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This week's prompt was one photo of something unexpected. Here's my entry!


This is a photo of bark on some sort of tree (don't ask me what kind!). Taken on a Canon SD600 because that's all I have here at work!
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This week's topic was food and drink. If I'd have been smart I would have brought my camera down to Kitty's this past weekend and gotten pictures of all the beer and empty beer glasses. Ah well. I'm not exactly a foodie and taking pictures of food is really not my thing. I almost didn't do it, but then got semi-inspired this morning. So...

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Let me tell you a little story. A story about why the Giant-Tailed Butter-Herding Retriever came to be.

You see, there was a dog, a lovely black dog named Dahlia, who happened to have a gigantic tail.

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The last photo was taken this week. The remainder were taken in August and October. Little editing was done outside of fixing some contrast issues.
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This week's subject was "leaves." The first picture had to be taken during this week. The second had to be taken within 6 months and show a different kind of leaf.

I'm not really into taking photos of actual leaves and so this was tough for me. Instead, I came up with this:

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And on a side note, THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my Halloween photo. I won last week's contest!
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Most of you have already seen these images, so this is just my official post for the community.

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Yes, I'm still in it! I haven't won since the first week, but hey, I haven't lost either. And today I nearly forgot about it. Eek!

This week's topic was silhouettes and shadows. The first photo had to be taken this week and feature a silhouette.

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So I wasn't going to use Dahlia for this week's post. I'm sure people are tired of her, though she really IS my favourite photography subject. But then she did something that made me decide to use her.

She stole the butter.

And cut her nose in the process.

I've discovered, due to photographic evidence, that she does this approximately every 6 months!

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This week's topic was symmetry and the lack thereof. I spent nearly all week trying to figure out what in my life was symmetrical. First I thought of doing a straight on shot of Dahlia's face, but I highly doubt that her face is symmetrical. I know most people's aren't and I doubt hers is as well.

So then I started looking around the apartment and walks and came up with a lot of things that wouldn't be that interesting to photograph.

But then! I was walking in David's study and looked at his typewriters and discovered the Oliver #9 is fairly symmetrical, so there it is. The Oliver #9. This typewriter is from 1919 and it's in mint condition and totally usable.

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The subject for this week was "Rule of thirds." For those who don't know what the rule of thirds is, there's a good description of it here.

I've known the concept and I'm sure some of my photos fit into this idea, but I've never shot anything specifically aiming for it. I attempted to get the guides on my camera to work but didn't figure it out until I was home. Oh well! I've also been waiting for a nice sunny day, but silly me, I forgot it's fall in Syracuse and, well, we're not going to see sun at least until the weekend (if then). Tomorrow is going to be a total washout. They're calling for heavy rain. Fun fun!

So...the first picture had to be taken this week and had to follow the rule of thirds. I, of course, took Dahlia out tonight and got some photos. Here's one where the intersecting lines fall right over her nose.

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Another tough week! This time was temperatures. The first photo has to be taken this week and represent some sort of temperature. I HAVE HAD NO CLUE WHAT TO DO for the longest time. I thought of some ideas but couldn't figure out how to photograph them. And then I saw the bottle of milk in the fridge. Nothing says "cold drink of water on a hot day" to me like a nice cold glass of milk.

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I'm heading off to Pittsburgh within the next 30-45 minutes, so here's my entry before I forget!

The first picture this week has to be of an object. Well, since I'm heading off to a Phantom of the Opera weekend (the first Phan weekend since about 2002!!!), I thought this picture was appropriate. Here's Erik, all ready for the trip!

Pics back here )

And now, off to Pittsburgh! I'm not looking forward to the drive there (6 hours...ugh!) but I can't wait to see everyone!

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There is very little red in my life. I had no idea. It's been a week since the prompt of "red" came out and I've discovered except for stop signs and fire hydrants there's not a lot of red around here. So the picture I'm going to use was taken last Saturday in Bellows Falls, VT. I do like this picture because of the two red flowers against the background. It may not be red enough though!


The other half of the prompt is a photo that has no red in it at all. Well, that's easy. Here's the lovely Miss Dahlia again. For anyone who doesn't realize this, a lot of my photos are going to be of this dog. She's my main photography subject!


Edited to add: Both photos were taken on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. The first one was edited for levels and a bit of saturation. The second one was not edited at all.
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I've joined the community [ profile] ljshootout to enjoy the competition and maybe get some new ideas for photos. Week 1 is due on Friday.

The prompt: Your favourite place to take pictures from.

For a first prompt, this one is a doozy. It's really difficult for me to do this one as, technically, I have no real favourite spot. Except for the Poulawack Cairn, my favourite place is where my dog is! Since I can't get to Ireland to take photos for this, I opted for pictures of one of the usual places I take photos from: Barry Park or Thornden Park. I opted for the latter as we ended up there on Sunday and it's a pretty area.

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