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This weekend was...well, mostly not fun.

The bad stuff:

Moving. Moving and moving and moving and more moving. We got the van from work on Saturday and started to load it up that day. We took shifts. I started, loaded up a bunch of stuff, while David took Dahlia to the dog park. We grabbed lunch at Heid's (mmmm conies) and got ice cream (Dahlia got a doggie ice cream sundae -- vanilla ice cream between milk bone dog biscuits!) and then I went to the dog park with Dahlia while David packed things up.

We, amazingly, packed the whole van full of stuff and took it over to unload it. Luckily, Brandon was there to help out (such a godsend!) and we got it unloaded in quick order.

Sunday we drove down, without Dahlia this time, and tried to pack up as much stuff as we could. All together this weekend we managed to get all 4 bookshelves out, most of David's books, half of the typewriters left (I think there are maybe 10 left?), many of our dishes, David's big chair in the back (the one from the living room is already over there), David's CD holder and the one that held our DVDs and cookbooks, along with a smattering of other stuff. It was a successful weekend and I'm just starting to recover from all the associated aches and pains.

The sort of bad:

Dahlia is still having some threshold issues. But I'm realizing it's not exactly a threshold. She has trouble going past our friend's couch. And the doorway into the next room is still 3 or 4 feet away. I'm starting to think it's the big halogen lamp that's right beyond the couch. She's looked up at it a few times and then kind of stepped back behind the couch. She did eventually make her way into the other room, but it took her awhile (and it took for all of us to be in there eating -- I guess her love of us and perhaps more so, the food!, got her past it). I want to move it next time we come there before she comes in and see if she goes through more easily.

The good stuff:

Dahlia played fetch at the dog park! I was really excited. I threw a tennis ball a few times and she actually got it and brought it back to me. It's the first real fetching she's done. I hope we can get her to do some more at the dog park next time we go.

David said she's like the awkward child when playing at the dog she just doesn't get what's going on. She'll run into a group of dogs and they'll scatter and start running and then she just kind of stares after them all confused. Eventually she just wanders off. It's like she doesn't get that the running thing is part of PLAY. And that their running away is an invitation to chase them. I don't think the poor girl has EVER played. Eventually, after watching enough, she sort of got the hang of it, but it took a LONG time to get there.

We felt HORRIBLE for leaving Dahlia home on Sunday. We took off at 11:30, grabbed something to eat, and didn't get back until after 6:30pm. She was SO HAPPY to see us. She wiggled around, rolled over onto her back for belly rubs, and still kept wagging her tail while on the ground. It was so funny and so awesome to come home to such a happy dog. And the best part of it? NOTHING out of place in the house, no mess, nothing. We took her out and she immediately did her business, so we knew she had to go, but she held it for well over 8 hours (she last did any of her business around 10am or so...we took her out right before we left, but she didn't go). We were so proud of her and so happy!

Yesterday was just a normal work day, but when I got home, I ended up taking some pictures of Dahlia (like that's a surprise), so there are a few behind the cut.

More pics )


May. 7th, 2008 12:34 pm
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The fun of having a mutt (or soon having a mutt!) is that everyone wants to take a gander at what she is. So to that end I decided to post her picture on Yahoo Answers and ask what people thought she might be. I've gotten some answers that really make sense and some that are off the wall!

Two people thought she had Newfie in her. Newfie? She weighs 46lbs. The average Newfie female weighs 100-120 lbs. Yeah...not likely!

I tried to stave off chow thing...most people guess chow because of her spotted tongue, but I don't think she has ANY chow in her at all. There's nothing chow about her.

The most common answer is lab/retriever, which I think is likely. The three most common answers are some sort of cross between lab, border collie, and flat-coated retriever. The latter seems unlikely only because they're not that common of a breed.

In other news, we have the new apartment all set. He's sending us a lease to sign so now I just need to go over and tell our current place that we're moving out!
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Today is the day the rescue will hopefully call our new landlord (well, we hope he's going to be!). I'm so worried that he'll change his mind and tell them we can't have a dog.

It would be utterly silly for him to do that because of noise. There are several dogs on that block. We drove down there the other day and noted three being walked in the same block and one of them was being led into the house a few doors down. And mind you, that dog was a beagle and boy can those things bark!

So now I'm waiting for a message from the rescue...hoping all is ok. If the landlord tells her we can have a dog, then she's ours! And we'll get her in two weeks! *gulp* Lots to do in the mean time...things to buy, the Oneida house to prep, packing to do. I want to try to get a bunch of stuff over to the new place before she comes to live with us. I have some stuff boxed up already and I just got a bunch of other boxes for more stuff. So much to do!

I've emptied out a lot of my back closet,gotten rid of 4 1/2 bags of clothes already! I'll box up the rest of the stuff that I can't fit into but hope to soon. That can all get tossed in the attack easy enough! A lot of my books have been packed. I need to hit the bedroom tonight and start sorting through clothes there. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I have no need to keep at this point. So much to stressed! Ugh!


Apr. 29th, 2008 01:13 pm
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I'm feeling incredibly anxious right now. Everything with Dahlia is basically set. EXCEPT the one major important issue: I don't know yet if we can move in where we're hoping to. If that falls through, then I'm not sure what we're going to do. Our adoption of her hinges on that one and only thing. Everyone thinks that it will work out fine and I see NO reason that it shouldn't. Especially now that we know what dog we'll get. We know she's quiet. And that seems to be the only main issue he had about dogs. I'll try calling him on Thursday and see if he's back from his vacation yet. I hope he is because I need to get this squared away for my own good.

Right now we're looking at picking her up around the 24th of May, maybe a little bit earlier.

And then comes the interesting part. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle all of this.

1. We're going to be living in two places, 30-40 miles apart.
2. I'll still be working full time.
3. I'll also be teaching on Wednesday evenings.
4. David will be done with school.
5. We have to be out of our apartment by June 27th (how ridiculous is that, since leases generally start on July 1).

So we have to move while living in two places, working full time, and having a dog. I think we may have a bit too much on our plate. Yikes!

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