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I went over to Helping Hounds today to take some photos of Nelly, a dog who has been there for WAY too long. She's a good girl, but SO high energy. Danielle (the trainer) is teaching her impulse control and working with all that energy but what she really needs is a job. She'd be a great dog for a lot of different sports. She's fast, focused, and athletic. I hope she finds a home soon!

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Anyone have any guesses on her breed mix? I finally realized who she reminds me of. [ profile] rozae's Figlet.
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Here are some of the photos from Post-Apocalyptic Syracuse the Skytop Quarry.

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For those not in [ profile] petbulls...

Dahlia received her presents from the wonderful [ profile] thecuddlycactus yesterday. She was SUPER fascinated by the box. SOMETHING smelled good, that's for sure!

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Nov. 17th, 2012 07:40 pm
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It was a gorgeous afternoon here, high 40s and partly cloudy so I decided to take Dahlia down to the park to "take a few photos."

A few turned out to be 312. Oops.

So here they all are!

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OMG the puppies. They are so cute. 6 weeks old and so much puppy breath! My favourite part of the afternoon was sitting on the ground with 4 puppies in my lap and eating my camera strap (it survived) while I tried to take pictures of the other puppies across the pen.

I was a bit nervous going into this because puppies are FAST and unpredictable and I was so afraid I'd have a tough time getting photos of them. 4 of the puppies had been playing NONSTOP before I got there so they were pretty tired. The other two slept before I got there and so were more active. But they all were running around for a bit before falling asleep. for those who didn't see them on FB!

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I hope Stephanie likes them (there are tons more in Flickr; I'll give her a CD with them all on it on Tuesday). I'm really happy with them.

I'm sort of annoyed though that some animal rescue site shared them like they were in need of rescue. Ugh.
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Today we went up Fall Mountain, the major extent of our hiking "career." We've been up it 4 times now. It's not the hardest climb but it's enough for people like David and I! And now that I'm resting this evening my toe is aching. Ugh. Really annoyed that I'm STILL having problems with that.

We usually have the whole place to ourselves but today there were many people. And dogs! Most of the dogs were fine. There was Molly, a really sweet lab mix who Dahlia enjoyed meeting. The two labs we saw on our way out from the top were on leashes and we all just steered clear of each other. But then there was the Chihuahua. *sigh* So his owner picked him up once he saw Molly and Dahlia and muttered something about his having issues with other dogs. And they went down below. Well, apparently while down there he decided to just let him off leash and the dog took off away from him, came careening up, saw Dahlia first and went after her. Dahlia, of course, had to be all "IMA GONNA SHOW YOU BITCH!" and tried to pin the little sucker down. I got her away and the other woman who was there with him, put a leash on the dog and said to the guy "I thought you weren't going to let him off leash!" Yeah not the smartest move there buddy. (And later on, on the way down, the dog was off leash again and went after Molly...Ugh).

But other than that it was a nice time. We met a lot of cool people and chatted for awhile with them all. We all hid out under the trees when a rainstorm suddenly cropped up and soaked us all (we got the cameras put away in time! Phew!).

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I've been so busy running around I forgot to post pictures from yesterday! I took a lot!

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The other reason Tina wanted to run Tugger last night is she wanted me to take pictures of him for her website. I notice she already put a few up, including a new one I got of Dahlia! So I was doing two things in class last night, running between doing my runs and grabbing the camera to get some photos.

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Aug. 29th, 2012 08:43 am
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So there were no pictures from Novice JWW. I suspect that nothing came out good enough to share because of the total downpour we ran in. They sure were out there trying though. Ah well!

So I ended up caving and buying THREE photos. Because I couldn't decide between two. So here's the ones I bought, free of the watermarking and edited by the photographers to bring out the best in them.

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I took Dahlia over to the trails behind the middle school again. Such a nice place to walk and NO ONE around!

I decided to take out just my 135mm lens. I just don't use that enough and it's SUCH an awesome lens.

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I took some photos of the dogs I train with at the AKC trial and took some photos yesterday of Teri and Dahlia. And I took some more photos of Dahlia this morning. I just haven't had a chance to post them so here's a bunch from the past few days!


More photos from today coming soon!
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transport13By now you folks probably know I cannot resist a transport for special needs dogs, especially if those special needs dogs happen to be deaf Australian Shepherds.  And this is especially true if those deaf Aussies happen to be puppies.

So when a transport  came up for 10-week old Leo (the most amazingly adorable ball of white fluff you'll ever meet) and 7-8 month old Wager (an amazingly sweet and affectionate and adorable pup), I couldn't say no.

My Mother decided to join me on this transport, as she did for the one on Buddy.  It gives her something fun to do after my Dad's passing and really, who can resist puppy breath x2?

We took off from her place around 9:30am for Binghamton, NY.  I hadn't driven down to Binghamton from my Mother's house so I looked up the timing on Google maps: 1 1/2 hours.  Since I was supposed to arrive around 11:10am, that seemed perfect.  It would put us there around 11:00, just in time to meet them.  Right?


First of all, we actually arrived around 10:30am (way to go Google Maps for giving the totally wrong timing for the trip!).  And we got a call around 10am telling us the transport was running at least a half hour behind.  Oops.  Since we were already on our way there was not much we could do!  So we got  to our meeting location far too early.  Since our meeting locale was in a parking lot for the Cracker Barrel, we decided to duck in and check out the store.  I walked out with some Sweet potato pancake mix that I'm super excited to try out next weekend.

Anyway...they finally arrived around 11:30.  We spent a little while with the dogs, tried to get Wager to pee and let Leo play in his water bowl (which seems to be a favourite past time with the little guy).  Wager wasn't much interested in bathroom duties and instead wanted everyone to pet him.  He was incredibly affectionate and liked to leap up on you and stretch.  He was just an incredibly nice dog.

We loaded them up fairly quickly and took off.  Here was where the fun started: the two dogs had gotten themselves all tangled up and so my Mom had to lean into the back and unhook their leashes to try to untangle them.  While I was driving.  And trying to get back onto a major highway!  Fun stuff, that was!  She managed to untangle them and then spent about half the trip trying to keep them from jumping up into the front.

Partway through they both finally settled and fell asleep and the trip was peaceful until we arrived in Syracuse (though it was slow-going at times due to construction!).

We arrive a little bit after 1pm, got the dogs out quickly, chatted for a few minutes with the other folks that were there for a different transport (this one for cats), and then sent them on their way.  My mother was very concerned that Wager seemed to be in too small of a crate for him (he was much bigger than we thought!) but he curled up into a little ball and hopefully slept for their section of the trip.

Both arrived safely last night at their rescue destination!  While Leo was cute, Wager was the dog I would have totally adopted in a heartbeat.

I took a handful of photos yesterday but due to the rushed nature of things, they weren't my usual quality unfortunately!

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Yesterday we took Dahlia and Nellie and met up with Jackson (and Jackson's owner!) at the Quarry for some play times. We figured that Jackson and Nellie would be a great match for playing and after they settled down after the initial greeting, they had a great time together.

And it was a beautiful night (at least until the end when we got rained on AGAIN), so I took my camera. I'm so glad I did!

Photos galore! Dog fun! Awesome skies! Even a RAINBOW! )
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And because I never can take just one...

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Someone recently said that the difference between their dog (who looks a lot like Dahlia) and Dahlia is that Dahlia has big cartoonish eyes. I can see what they mean. lol

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I brought my camera to class today in the hopes of getting a handful of pictures. Usually we get a fair amount of down time but not this time of course! She had us paired up and being distraction for someone else (more on that later). I ended up getting only a few and I was pretty disappointed with it though the quality was good. But then I was talking to Heather after class and said something about how I'd stick around to take some of the next class, but I didn't want to be too much of a distraction. Tina's response as she walked by? "The dogs need distraction. Take photos if you want to!" So I stayed and took A TON. I ended up with about 250, of which 126 turned out decent enough to upload. Some turned out really good.

I am SO HAPPY with this camera. You can see how photos taken around the same time of day in the same barn with my A230 came out here. Granted I wasn't using the best lens but still, the graininess sucked.

I shot most of the ones today at ISO-1600, which let me get pretty fast shutter speeds (sometimes even 1/2000 or higher if the dog was light). Many of the photos came out totally sharp, with just a bit of grain. Many of the photos I deleted weren't blurry. They were just bad photos (dogs jumping out of the camera, etc.).

I shot everything using my 135mm f/2.8 prime lens and then cropped if needed.

And for those who haven't seen them on FB...a special treat! I got photos of Dahlia!

Photos! )

I am ridiculously happy with my camera!
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I finally was able to edit the photos I took of Dahlia when I got home from work today. Here are a few I really like.

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Mar. 15th, 2012 07:55 pm
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I finally got my tracking information from the place I purchased the camera. It says it should arrive TOMORROW by the end of day. They just shipped it today! I know it's possible for it to arrive tomorrow as it's only coming from NYC. But I'm still surprised. I was figuring on Monday at the earliest!

Also, THIS...for those not on FB or in [ profile] ratemydog:

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I am embarrassed to say how long it's been since I last did a transport, but I'm sure if you check out the tags you can see the amount of time that has passed.  Nearly an entire year!  But this year has been a nightmare of ups and downs with my father going through cancer treatments (and ultimately passing away) and my new agility endeavors (there's the "ups" of the "ups and downs"!).  So when a transport came up on a free weekend for this handsome old guy I just couldn't resist.  His story is a sad one:

This sweet senior yellow lab (8-10 years) was found standing in the middle of a highway the other night, not seeming to know what to do or where to go.  It appears he was hit by a car and suffered a stroke.  At first, they thought he was blind in one eye, but after doing some testing, it appears he can see okay.  

He was found by a good samaritan who got him vetted and kept him until a rescue could be found for him.  One in New Hampshire was happy to take this handsome old guy in and so he was sent on transport from Missouri all the way to New Hampshire.  Quite a ways to travels for an old guy!

I brought my Mom along this time as she loves dogs and is happy to have some time out of the house with someone to keep her mind off of things.  We got over to the meeting place early and we buckled in for a long wait as the transport was running behind.  Lo and behold, the person who was coming from the Rochester area was running a bit ahead.  So she got him out, found him a spot to pee, we got him some water and on our way we went!

The trip out was, thankfully, entirely uneventful.  The roads west of Syracuse were pretty hairy and I think the whole transport was a little on edge because yesterday a transporter in the south and the puppy she was transporting were killed in a horrific accident after getting caught in an unexpected ice storm.  I know I felt really nervous heading out, but it ended up that we had a bit of sun and dry roads all the out and back from the meeting spot.

We arrived some 25 minutes early and got Buddy out for a little walking around and some pictures and, since it was only 15 and very windy on the river, we hopped back into the car to love on Buddy and wait for the next person to show up.  My gosh this dog was a love sponge.  He couldn't have leaned any harder into our petting.  I'm pretty sure he was ready to crawl into our laps and I think my Mom was a little bit in love with him.

Once he was passed off, the car felt kind of empty without him.  He was such a silent, sweet presence.  I hope he quickly finds a home to cherish him for whatever remains of his life.  He deserves it!

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Feb. 5th, 2012 06:53 pm
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Today was gorgeous, so David and I took Dahlia out to the Quarry and I took my camera. As it turns out, I got about 70 photos out of the battery again. I think that there's something wrong with this particular battery (and I stupidly forgot the other one). The light on the charger is supposed to go out when it's done charging and it does with one battery and not the other, so I suspect this particular battery has issues. I may not have noticed because I don't often shoot RAW photos.

Anyway, a handful of photos.

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