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First...this was said in a community I'm in and really amused me:

I do like dogs, but they're a bit big and clumsy for my liking.

Because a chihauhau is big. Hmmm...

And now for a few photos of Dahlia that David took yesterday. The first couple cracked me the hell right up.

Dahlia )

How's everyone's Monday going? Ours is hell here. We had no power this morning. A lot of the area has been without power and is still without power. We had MAJOR winds (some places up to 90mph!) that knocked out branches and power lines all through central NY. Craziness. I put my contacts on by cell phone light this morning . That was definitely not fun. It did come on in time for me to finish getting ready, but it didn't in other places.

This, of course, means work is INSANE. I haven't been able to think straight since I got here. I took off over 50 calls this morning and it's been hell ever since. I hope everyone else is having a better Monday than I am!
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I did warn you that I would be talking about my dog a lot, didn't I? lol

David and I decided that I should be the one to rescue Dahlia from being alone yesterday, so he left around 5pm and I got home around 5:45pm or so. She was SO excited to see me. Danced around, jumped a bit (but not ON me) and her tail was wagging SO HARD that she whacked it into the door frame on the way into the living room and scared herself. So cute.

We laid down on the bed for a bit and she got lots of love and attention and then we went outside to wait for Daddy. I managed to get a lot of great pictures of her just lounging around. For now we have a tie out so she can hang out outside with us without our having to have her on a leash. We're not using the tie out as a place to just stick her when she needs to go out (not that we've figured out how she signals that she has to go out yet -- we've been taking her out pretty regularly and she seems to hold it in between those times without any problem).

Once David got home, we headed back into the woods for another walk. The first part of it was, unfortunately, ruined a bit by a kid on an ATV that kept driving it back and forth by us. He was really irritating! The first time, I held Dahlia close to me and as he went by she went behind me. I figured she was scared of it. The second time, she started straining at the leash to the point of actually getting her front feet in the air. And then she barked a few times at him! That was the first time I've heard her voice. We think she was protecting us. Aww...

We also got to see her jump over the drainage ditch in pursuit of something. She really loves these walks.

The night was pretty relaxing. This morning she actually started to play a bit! We played some tug of war with her mousey and when I threw it she actually went and grabbed it! We'll teach her fetch yet!

And now for some pictures.

Pics )
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Yesterday was hard for me, being away from my girl all day. David left her alone for a couple hours and she apparently did brilliantly. Nothing out of place, no accidents, and just one excited puppy when he came home. Per David: Everything went successfully. She looked very sad when I left. When I got back she was looking out the door and when she saw it was me started to wag so much I thought she'd dislocate her hips. It's the most excited I've seen her, jumping and running in circles. But I was gone for over and hour and a half. No accidents, nothing amiss.

When I got home, I changed and we headed over to the woods to walk for a bit. We ended up taking a 3 mile hike in the woods, which Dahlia loved. We discovered she is DEFINITELY a border collie/lab mix. About halfway through the walk, she suddenly stopped and wanted to play. I tried to get her to run with me (which she's done happily before) and when I started to run, she ran around in a circle to get in front of me and then stopped dead in her tracks while staring up at me and meeting my eyes. But her stare wasn't done with the typical border collie intensity -- it was done with a silly lab grin all over her face. She did the same thing to David and when he kept trying to run she ran around behind him and actually attempted to nip at his heels! She missed his pant leg and ended up nosing his ankle instead, but it was a classic border collie move!

Not to mention, she looks JUST like this dog.

About 2/3 of the way through the walk, it stared to sprinkle, and then pour down on us. We all got soaked, but Dahlia just loved it. Of course, in typical doggie fashion, when we got to the car and I opened up the front door to unlock the back, she jumped right in on the front seat. D'oh! Wet muddy paws EVERYWHERE. Silly poochie.

I got a couple pictures of her when we got back.

Wet doggie!! )
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I've all been dying for this one, eh?

Monday )

Tuesday )

Wednesday )

We had a really nice several days with her. Now I'm back at work (*sniffles*) and David's out walking her in the woods. Lucky David! He gets to spend a lot more time with her. I'm admittedly nervous that she's going to come to see David as her person and me as "that other person." I wish I could be around more often, but it just doesn't work that way unfortunately.

Some pictures from the other day at the dog park )

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