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It's STILL snowing. I have no idea how much we have right now as the Golden Snowball guy hasn't updated since 9:30am yesterday. I'm dying to find out what the heck we have!

David took Dahlia out today and got more pictures of her in the snow. To recap, first:

A few photos to recap the snow rising )

Today's photos! )


Feb. 25th, 2010 11:40 am
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It's snowing like crazy out there. And it's all very wet, dense snow (which is going to be really dangerous for driving and may down power lines, especially when coupled with the wind we're supposed to be getting). And it's all sticking to Dahlia! She looks very concerned about this.


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David took Dahlia out to get some pictures in the snow.


A couple more )
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Have I told anyone we're nuts about our dog? We're worse than parents with a newborn infant, I swear!


How did we get that nice white background? Photoshop? Nope. Snow. Lots of it.

More snow pics )

I wish I had some pics here of her looking like she ENJOYS the snow, because she does love it. Tonight she leapt up over a snow bank that was over 3 feet high. It was most impressive!
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Right now Syracuse looks a bit like my icon. Ok, maybe not quite THAT bad but it's getting there. It just seems to not want to stop snowing. Friday we totaled 9.5 inches, beating out a record from 1982. Sunday we got another 5.3. We got another 2.5 or so this afternoon. And it has NOT stop snowing since before I left work at 4pm. And we're not talking flurries. We're talking snow. Real snow. I have NO idea how much we've gotten this evening but I'd hazard a guess that it's been another 3 inches or so. For fuck's sake. Everyone just STOP begging for a white Christmas. It's all getting dumped in central NY. We're neck and neck with last year's total. 49 inches so far (minus this evening) vs. last year's 52.9. Looovely.

Dahlia seems to love this stuff. She's from Portsmouth, Ohio, which gets an average of 16 inches of snow a year. Yes, I know where my dog is from, but not her birthday. She has NEVER seen this much snow. I'd guess there's about her average yearly snowfall all on the ground NOW. She loves it. She runs into the snow, almost swims in it. She seems to love leaping over the snowbanks (sometimes landing in the snow and getting a bit stuck on the other side). We took her down to the soccer field on Sunday and watched her leap through the snow. Just "bounce bounce bounce" through the snow. David went further with her than I wanted to go, I stopped about halfway across the field. He continued to the other side and then turned around. When Dahlia saw me again, she took off RUNNING...leaping across half a soccer field clogged with a foot or more of snow. It was a glorious run and I wish I had captured it on video. She was one tired doggy after that and we trudged back home slowly. She slept the afternoon away.

On the other hand, Dahlia seems to have a difficult time finding a place to do her bathroomly duties in this sort of snow. She just doesn't seem to want to squat in a foot of snow. I don't blame her one bit! It now takes a lot longer for her to do such a thing and so the walks are becoming longer. I really don't mind walking in this stuff. It's pretty. It's the driving I hate so much. Getting up the hill tonight was tough and I almost didn't think I'd make it up the main road up the hill.

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