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I took some photos of the dogs I train with at the AKC trial and took some photos yesterday of Teri and Dahlia. And I took some more photos of Dahlia this morning. I just haven't had a chance to post them so here's a bunch from the past few days!


More photos from today coming soon!
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Teri is over for a few days while my Dad is in the hospital (good thoughts for the procedure tomorrow needed!), so I pulled out the new flash and tried it on her.


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After a nice quiet session and a good dinner, we headed out to the park to take some pictures. I'm really disappointed that I didn't get out earlier, but we had some nice light to get some photos.

First there was this.


Arrrrr, matey!!

And then there were lots more pictures of Dahlia and Teri! )
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We're watching Teri for my folks while my Dad is going through chemo. They just dropped her off again today (we watch her until Thursday -- my Mom is off from Friday to Sunday). I let Teri out and Dahlia followed me onto the porch and it's such a sunny day that I thought "gee I should grab my camera."

Some pics )

Poor Teri!

Oct. 31st, 2010 12:51 pm
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I went over to see Teri after her surgery (last Thursday). Her whole back leg is shaved and she's itching like crazy as the hair grows back.

And she is, of course, in the cone of shame, so pictures had to happen.

A few sad Teri the Conehead pictures )
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David and I decided to take both dogs around the pond this morning. Well, we decided to head around at least part of the pond. It wasn't horribly hot, but the dogs looked pretty hot and mostly wanted to lay down in the grass. So we packed up some bowls, some ice water, and a bit of chocolate for David and I and headed down.

We took Teri off leash at the spot we rested at and she did brilliantly again. We ended up walking back to the other end of the pond with her off leash and she did GREAT. I was seriously impressed. She ran around and checked things out but always came back to us when we called her name. Dahlia LOVED having her off leash. Teri would go running to us or to something and Dahlia would go racing after her. It wasn't really playing on Teri's part (I'm not even sure Teri noticed Dahlia running after her), but it was on Dahlia's end and it was fun to watch.

Pictures galore! )
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Of what? Of Dahlia of course! lol

First this one, because it was too cute.


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We were watching my parent's dog, Teri, again this weekend...luckily not very long this time around. I really do like Teri, but she's so frustrating. Ironically, I'm reading a book on why we love the dogs we do that gives you tests for your personality and matches you with certain groups of dogs. Teri? Definitely NOT on my list of dogs that I would enjoy. The constant barking at nothing drives me crazy, as does the pacing and whining. And this time she seemed to be a little off with Dahlia. She was ok for the most part, but whenever Dahlia would go to jump on the couch (which Teri was not on and was actually laying some 4-5 feet away from), Teri would jump up and charge at her barking. Dahlia would react by sitting down with her ears back and her head turned to the side. Poor girl. I'm not sure what to do when Teri does that. It's something new that's developed this visit.

But...Teri IS a cute little bugger and I took some pictures of her. Whenever she visits I take a bunch of pictures because one of my Christmas presents for my mom is a calendar I make with pictures of Teri on it. So new pictures are always needed.

Pics behind the cut )
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I took Dahlia to the vet this morning for her yearly vet appointment. She did really well there. They weighed her and she weighs 52 lbs according to their scale, so she's still doing well in that regard (she weighed 55.5 lbs the last time we went there!). They drew blood and she didn't yelp. She was hilarious when she came back into the room with me. She was limping like she'd been injured or something and all because she had a bandage around her leg. Silly dog. The vet tech was most amused at the way she lifted her paw up to me when she came back in. Pathetic doggy.

The vet was quick with her, said she was healthy, that she'd do well with agility and was at a good weight for that. He gave her the other two vaccines. She yelped at the first one, but did fine with the second. Poor girl.

It turns out that she has hookworms. She could have picked that up anywhere, even from just lying around on the grass. We've already given her the pill for that, so she should be good to go.

I also got a call when I was home and she tested positive for lyme disease. WTF. She has no signs of it so it could be an inactive infection, but we have to bring her back in on Monday to get more blood drawn to send off. She may have to be on antibiotics. I hope she's ok -- lyme disease sounds pretty worrying.

After the exam, we took a nice long walk in the Erie Canal Park with my Mom and Teri. My mom got a chance to see a bit more of Dahlia's excited side (see Mom, she's not always so calm!). The interesting thing is my Mom said she looks so much like Bandit (our Border collie when I was younger) that it's uncanny. Interesting.
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I got home around 4:30pm to find David outside with both Dahlia and Teri. The dogs, of course, went NUTS when I pulled up and got out of the car. So cute! And Dahlia looks fabulous. Even better than the last time. They just trimmed up some of her hair, especially around the ears and toes, and gave her a good bath. She smells nice too, though I'd imagine she wouldn't agree.

So here are some pics I took this evening.

Dahlia pics ahead! )


Sep. 29th, 2008 11:34 am
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This weekend David and I watched my parent's dog. I was a bit worried, not sure how Dahlia would react to having another dog on her "turf" and not sure how Teri would react to being around another dog (especially a big one) 24/7 for a couple days. She's been at my aunt's before and around Babe and Java (who are around the same size), but not around a dog so much taller and bigger than she is (for the record, Teri weighs about 20 lbs).

But, as always, Dahlia did not disappoint! And neither did Teri. They got along fine. There was no playing or anything, but they coexisted without any problems. We even left them alone for 2 1/2 hours and nothing happened. They curled up on different couches and chairs most of the time and a couple times even ended up in the same place. They did really well together and we were happy!

Of course, Dahlia ate all of Teri's treats. Teri is a spoiled little only dog who sets her treats aside and eats them later. That doesn't work out too well when you have a food hound who eats all her treats right away! LOL oops. At least I managed to get Teri to eat her food without Dahlia going after it.

Dahlia also loved Teri's toys and was grabbing them and making them squeak. No problems there either. Teri let her with no problem. Neither of them has food or toy aggression.

And of course, I took some pictures. And yes, Dahlia is in need of a good brushing. She got soaked this weekend and her hair was still drying in some of the photos.

Dahlia and Teri back here )
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This gets quite long...ramblings about our wonderful new doggie! )

Because my internet connection is really shitty here, I'm just going to provide you with a couple links to our flickr albums so you can see our pics so far!

My Dahlia flickr set

David's Dahlia flickr set

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