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I've realized recently that I have like NO VIDEOS of Dahlia. I have a few but none of her doing agility stuff and none of her doing any of her tricks. I don't like to video tape myself but I've realized someday it won't matter what I look like on camera. I WILL want videos of my girl and I will cherish them even if I feel like I looked fat.


I took her out to the park last night and got some videos of her doing a few agility things and some tricks. There are a bunch of them but they're all super short, so feel free to watch them all. Some are, literally, about 5-6 seconds long. And there's no sound. I got rid of it. Not entirely because I hate hearing my voice but mostly because it was REALLY WINDY and the wind sound was so annoying on the camera. You couldn't hear much anyway over the wind.

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I never think to take video, so here's one of Dahlia greeting me tonight! When I got home, David was out for a walk with Dahlia. I like to keep an eye out because if they appear down the block, he'll let her off lead and she can run to me. It's amazing how far away she is and still recognizes me, even without my saying a word.

Please to be ignoring my horrid voice squealing her name at the end of this (seriously, you might want to watch this with no sound on!). I SO tried to not speak but couldn't resist. Also, she rarely jumps up on me, but she was super excited and I wasn't bending down to her fast enough.

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We took Dahlia up to the cemetery for a little exercise. Garrick and Nate joined us and Garrick walked her for a little while. We met a yellow lab named Sam who was SERIOUSLY ball focused and his people tossed the ball for him and Dahlia a few times. It was fun to watch. I managed to get one video of the two dogs coming back.

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Here are some of the videos I took of Dahlia while up in Vermont.

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