Oh Dahlia

Dec. 16th, 2011 05:46 pm
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Anyone who knows my dog can look at this picture and know EXACTLY what she has done.

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Dahlia has done a real number on her nose again. This is the biggest cut I've seen, about the size of a dime. It looks horrible, poor girl. We figured she was rubbing her nose with her dew claw and cut it.

But then last night I went to turn on our blankets for bed and first saw the blood, all over the sheets and my pillow. And then, lo and behold, half shoved under MY pillow was a chewed up stick of butter.

We don't even know where she got the fucking thing from as David hasn't been using butter the last few days. So it had to be up on the counter away from the edge SOMEWHERE. It's possible she banged up and cut her nose trying to get to it. WHAT IS WITH THE BUTTER??!!!

Sheets were changed, butter was thrown out.

And this morning we have our yearly vet appointment. I can't wait to see what they have to say about her nose. *headdesk*
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We ran out to Aldi's tonight. When we came back we found, sitting in the middle of the living room rug, a butter wrapper. Sans butter. And missing from the counter where David apparently left it? About 3/4 of a stick of butter.

That's right.

Dahlia ate 3/4 of a stick of butter. *sigh* Our girl has an unhealthy obsession with butter!
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Yesterday we went out to Borders for a couple hours. We left Dahlia with a rawhide chewy thing in the hopes that would keep her busy.

We came home to find it completely ignored. But what we DID find was a Petsmart bag torn open and one of the packages of Holiday rawhide bones missing. It was clear she had torn the package open as the top part of the package (one of those folded and stapled cardboard things) was ripped up in the middle of the floor. But the two bones in the package and the plastic thing they were in were missing. We figured she ate both of the bones, but we couldn't figure out what might have happened to the plastic. She's not prone to eating such things.

A few hours later I found one of the bones, the end nibbled off, shoved down in the couch. So we figured out where one had gone. I was still betting the other one had been eaten. But the plastic...I was still concerned!

When we got ready for bed, I was moving my pillows back to where they belonged and lo and behold, shoved far underneath my pillows, was the other bone, still in the plastic. LOL silly girl hid both of her bones!
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So yesterday was the first time Dahlia's done something somewhat "wrong" while left alone. Please see exhibit A:


Yes...that is a footprint...on one of David's dissertation papers...that was on his desk. Yes, it's reddish. No, it's not blood. Please see exhibit B:


David left the door to the bedroom open and apparently Dahlia, who likely wanted to look out the window, got up onto the table. We were WARNED about it, but David left the door open AND the chair to his desk sitting out in such a way that it was easy for her to get up there. She wandered around the table as there are footprints on a lot of papers. And she knocked some things on the ground (including his laptop! eek! It was ok, luckily). She must have been nervous about getting down and panting as there was a bit of drool on the ground near the chair and table. Whoops! We didn't get mad at her. It wasn't her fault after all! But it made for some pretty funny pictures.

And now for some pictures...a few are quite humourous!

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